Important Spring Games Information

Spring Games 2017 Date

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Rain Date:  Friday, May 5, 2017

 General Schedule

  • 8:15 – 8:45 am – Arrival
  • 9:00 am – Line up on visitors side of field (See changes to Opening Ceremonies Parade of Athletes below)
  • 9:15 am – Opening Ceremonies
  • 10:00 am – Competition
  • 11:30am – Lunch
  • 1:30 – 2:00pm – Departure


TC Roberson High School Football Field

Event Map


Parade of Athletes

In order to prevent the time delays that have interfered with athletic events in the past, we will not be announcing each school individually during the Opening Ceremonies. Instead, the Parade of Athletes will take place in the following manner:

  • School and organizations will create signs and “spirit” items that allow them to showcase their athletes and buddies. We will not have signs available for your school or organization. Start on your signs and spirit memorabilia today!
  • We will not line up school and organizations in any particular location, teachers and volunteers are asked to keep their group together.
  • We will announce the “Parade of Athletes” at which point all schools will be directed to begin the parade behind the “Parade Leader”. Do not wait until your school or organization is called, follow the Parade Leader.

Entry Forms

Entry forms are due by 4:00 pm, Friday, February 24, 2017.  If forms are not received by this date, you will not be allowed to participate. No forms will be accepted after the deadline.   No event substitutions are allowed after the deadline.

Be sure all information is accurate and complete.  Remember to enter measurements in meters (use this online calculator for assistance).  Forms will be rejected if not filled out correctly.  Entry forms can be e-mailed to

Each athlete can enter up to 2 events. Only those competing in a relay may enter 3 events.  Please remember that athletes should compete in events that exhibit their maximum potential. Be sure your athletes are competing in events that are challenging. Please have athletes stay in their categories, Developmental, Traditional, Lead up and Wheel Chair –  No crossover will be accepted.  In case of crossover, the event on highest level will be accepted and the lowest one removed. No exceptions.

The forms required for each Track and Field athlete are located below:

You will need to download the files to your computer in order to complete them.


Use “File” –> “Download as” and select “Microsoft Excel” or the option of your choice. Please submit all information as typed file in the original format (no photocopies, no handwritten). Digital forms cut our processing time and improve entry accuracy for your athletes.

Please make sure that you record the required time and distances for each event that the athlete is entering.  Please make sure that a form is turned in for each athlete.  Make sure on the day of the event that the Athlete tag is in place with their events on the back of their t-shirt.  No Tag – No event. Keep a copy of all forms for your records.

Athlete Participation Forms/Physical

All forms and physicals are due by Friday, February 24, 2017.  Complete all information blanks and sign and date the forms.  Athletes may not enter any event the day of spring games. Please e-mail a list of your athletes as soon as possible so we can check for missing forms well in advance of the deadlines.

Application/Participation and Release Form


Training is very important and you can start anytime!  Every athlete competing must be actively training for at least eight weeks prior to the event.  Please be sure that all athletes know the proper way to participate in their events. The shot put is available for athletes age 12 and older. Proper technique is a must in this sport.

The Adapted PE teacher or PE Teacher in your school may be able to assist the classes with training.  This will help to make sure that all entry forms are completed correctly using meters not inches or feet (use this online calculator for assistance).  It is the responsibility of the teacher to ensure that all entry forms are accurate and submitted by Friday, February 24, 2017.

T-shirt Order

T-shirt orders will be due early this year in an effort to have a more accurate count of sizes.  Please turn in all t-shirt order forms for athletes, teachers, and school volunteers/buddies no later than Friday, January 27, 2017, these shirts are provided free of charge.  Family members may purchase a t-shirt for $12 each, orders must be turned in no later than Thursday, March 24, 2017. Payments must be submitted with family order t-shirts at the time of submission. All shirts will have the same design.  Please check sizes when picking up shirts.  No exchanges after shirts are picked up will be permitted.  If you are not sure of a size, order a size up.

Athlete, Teacher, or Volunteer T-shirt Order Form

Family and Fan T-shirt Order Form

Final Participation Packet and T-shirt Pick-up        

This year you will be able to pick up your t-shits and packages at your district library. Please check for time and location of pick-up. If you cannot pick up please have someone available to do so.  If arrangements need to be made to pick up on another date and at a different library please feel free to contact us.

Things to remember for Spring Games 2017

Athlete T-Shirt orders must be submitted by January 27, 2017. All other T-Shirt orders must be submitted by March 24, 2017.

All athlete registration paper work is due to Buncombe County Special Olympics by February 24, 2017. Forms may be e-mailed to

Check the dates that we will be at the library in your school district to pass out T-Shirts and information packages (this information will be released in early 2017).

Remember that Softball Throw, Shot-Put and all jump events are open pit format. That means that I will send you the ribbons for the event. All other events need to pick up their ribbons right after the race. This is the teacher’s and the athlete’s buddy responsibility.

Please e-mail any questions, comments or concerns that you might have for this year games. We are always looking for ways to improve the process.