Spring Games 2019 Schedule of Track and Field Events

Track and Field General Information

  • All events will be held in order of the youngest age grouping to the oldest.
  • Developmental events will be staged in the turn on the flagpole side of the track.
  • 25 and 50 meter events will start on the home straightaway.
  • 100 meter events will start on the visitor straightaway.
  • Field events will be held in an open pit format; athletes have until 11:15 a.m. to complete their attempts.
  • A sign-in area will be set up near each starting line. Check-in will begin 15 minutes in advance of the start.
  • Call for events will be made over the Public Address System (PA), and the schedule will be posted in several locations around the stadium.

Track and Field Events


Track and Field Event Location and Schedule


Event Map Overview